about_juremaIntuitive Readings/Spiritual Counseling
Channeling her spirit guides and ascendant masters, Jurema offers uplifting, accurate, exciting and inspiring readings. She scans your energy field and becomes aware of your past, present and future. She works from a place of love and compassion to help individuals seeking guidance and answers in moments of doubt, pain and despair. Spiritually guided, Jurema address issues concerning your physical, mental and emotional difficulties and also your soul characteristics and qualities. This is a unique opportunity to express and clarify your concerns, feelings, doubts and unsettled emotions. Jurema’s readings give guidance and ancient teachings to help you in various aspects of your life. For instance, accessing those who have passed away, guided insights to finances, romance, family, spirit guides and angels, past lives and much more.

Throughout the years, Jurema has been helping, guiding and teaching individuals, couples, families and children with successful results. Her spiritual knowledge and accurate clairvoyant powers bring you awareness and clarification to infinite possibilities and opportunities in your future.

Intuitive Readings/Spiritual Counseling
$75 – ½ hour or $125 – 1 hour

Guided Brazilian Energy Healing
Energy Healing is an alternative therapy that can transform, enhance, empower and re-charge the invisible force that surrenders your physical being, the aura. Jurema’s unique and powerful technique is a combination of several Brazilian healing methods, ancient intuitive medicine and various practices of hands on healing treatments. This system concentrates on the correlation of the human chakra patterns (flow, structures and symptoms) with the causes of physical illness, emotional turmoil and psychological trauma. The session provides physical, mental and emotional health improvements by balancing and opening blocked chakras, releasing physical pain and supplying a flow of positive and vibrant energy. Assisted by her celestial guides and angels, Jurema outlines messages to clients regarding any immediate changes in life style, such as diet, physical activities, and the releasing of old traumatic emotions from the past. If necessary, she will educate the person on daily practices to enhance mental and emotional health. Each session is unique and spiritually catered to the client’s issues and concerns. Jurema has being treating individuals dealing with years of accumulated challenges ranging from physical illness, emotional distress, psychological trauma, behavior dependency, depression, stress and other related problems. She has been successfully applying this technique to clients before and after major surgery, minimizing the physical and emotional pain of evasive procedures and promoting a faster healing.

Guided Brazilian Energy Healing
$125 – 1 hour

services_jurema1Intuitive Readings and Guided Energy Healing Combination
Experience both, readings and energy healing in one session. Please check on appointment page for prices and availability.

Intuitive Readings/Guided Brazilian Energy Healing – Combination
$175 – 1½ hours

Group Party Readings
It is a fun, joyful and gratifying gathering. Be a host of a party for Intuitive Readings with Jurema at your home. Invite your friends and family, and schedule in advance a joyful day of psychic readings. Contact Jurema to schedule. Maximum of 10 people, minimum of 5, depending on traveling distance.

Private and Group Classes
– Psychic/Mediumship Development
– Self-Healing Meditation
– Meditation
– Energy Healing
– Reiki
– Crystal Healing

Contact Jurema for availability and prices. Also check on calendar for classes and events.

A Special Wedding Day Ceremony
Have Jurema perform a heavenly and delightful wedding ceremony on your special day. Every couple is unique and special. So is the ceremony: detailed, distinctive and original. Jurema is an ordained minister through the ULC – Universal Life Church, located in Seattle, Washington. The Church Monastery respects and includes all religions and spirituality beliefs. Our mission is to promote love, peace, freedom and compassion to all. Contact Jurema for further details on pricing and availability.