“Gracias a Jurema y su ajuda y prediciones, mi vida esta cambiando, me siento mas confidente y tranquila e las cosas estam saliendo como ela me dijo. Gracias Jurema”. (Thanks to Jurema, her help and her predictions, my life is changing. I feel more confident and relaxed and things are going well just like she told me. Thank you Jurema). Linda — Maple Grove, MN

“Jurema is one of the most genuine people I know. I have known her for 20 years. In that time, she has never wavered from being the warm and caring intuitive person that she has built her healing business on. A conversation with her is keen and direct, infused with spiritual intuition, love and honesty. Her unique background in spiritual matters has given her a natural knowledge of worlds less obvious to the rest of us. She uses wonderful rituals, lessons and gives sound advises to put us on a healing path for both our physical and spiritual well being. Jurema is always right on. She is The Real Deal”. Leslee — New Hampshire

“Jurema has a natural awareness of all things around her. Her ability to see and hear things most of us don’t is unfathomable. Loving, honest, sincere are a few words that describe her. Her commitment to helping others is a wonderful gift she has. Her dedication to her healing work can be seen through the respect she has gained from friends and strangers across North, Central and South America, Europe, and West Indies. Wherever she travels to, her presence is welcome”.
Mike H. — Cold Spring, MN

“I had to go for surgery in March 2010. I was feeling something was not right and I was scared. I called this woman named Jurema, I heard she was a terrific healer. I was little concerned because she lived in Minnesota and I live in Wisconsin, but I felt the need to have her help me. So, I called and she was absolutely wonderful right from the start. She started by calming me down, mellow me out and put me in a relaxed state of mind; she picked a time at night before I went to sleep so we both could be concentrate for a distant healing. I was kind of weird because almost right away I could feel her presence; I could feel that something was happening; it felt great and I started to get more relaxed, less stress and end up following sleep. I woke up the next morning to go to my surgery feeling great; I wasn’t even scared. I got to the hospital at 5:30 am and they got me ready for surgery. When I came out the doctors told me that everything went well, and I was
on the road of recovery. I know now if I had not called Jurema, I would not be here now. Sometimes, you just know when you need a help of a healer. Some people are afraid to try, but it does work. I put my life on the hands of her guidance and her expertise and she got me through my surgery and recovery. I feel great now thanks to Jurema. I will call her any time now because I know she help even from far away. I believe on her healing powers and I know she will help heal anyone in need. You just have to call her”. Kim D. — Wisconsin

“November 2009 in Charlotte, N.C. my dad collapsed in a motel room. We live in N.J. – ten hours away. It was a Wednesday and I placed a call to my dad’s physician to see if I should bring him home or place him in a hospital in Charlotte. I never received a phone call back that day, but in the meantime I spoke with Jurema who was in town for business. She agreed to see my father to “Reiki” him. Jurema came to the motel room in a pouring and cold rain. My 97 year old dad was a weak, bed ridden and 95% oblivious to all surroundings and people. Ms. Silva for about and hour used herself as a vehicle from God to my dad. My father, Morgan, during the treatment did wake up (to my surprise) and spoke to Jurema with awernedd, calmness and love as she generated extrema love and care to him, witch created the atmosphere and communication. Ms.Silva is not only an excellent healer but a vehicle of spiritual contact. I asked her what I should do with my dad’s situation. She told me to take him back home. Dad’s spiritual family was all around him, but only to comfort and he would not leave yet. Jurema through Reiki gave my father such energy to be able to tolerate the trip to N.J. in my van where a bed was erected. We did make the ride home safely. He complained of no pain or discomfort and when I spoke to dad he presented himself with much clarity. Jurema Silva is a professional healer, a loving and caring healer. Today we are friends. January my dad crossed over and since that time Jurema has contacted me via phone and computer ot help me through this painful period. Reiki is not necessarily for miracles (you see my dad was bleeding internally due to plavix). Her hands did give him strength and energy for the trip home…I know this. If I had taken him to Charlotte hospital I would have experienced such aggravation and expense. The strength she gave to Morgan allowed me to arrange hospice where he had the comfort of home and the “around clock” love of his family and friends. Her gift from God to heal is genuine from her heart and soul. My only regret is not to live closer to her”. Karen — New Jersey

“My reading experience with Jurema was time well spent. She was compassionate and caring guiding me with strength and deep wisdom. Her intuitiveness surprised me as predicted events unfolded. Jurema expressed a confidence in my ability to move forward, which was extremely comforting. I owe it to myself to check in with a yearly reading”. Wendy S. — Wright County, MN

“From our perspective of having enjoyed many wonderful psychic and healing readings over the years, Jurema Silva is a true gift! Her positive, joyous energy is contagious. The information we have received through Jurema these past two years has given us insight, confidence and courage. She seems to effortlessly access pertinent, credible, helpful information from many sources. She pulls from so much wisdom and varied experience. Her abilities to access, express and share are phenomena. If you have the opportunity, we highly recommend a reading with Jurema!” Bill and Jill at Plant Extracts International, Hopkins, MN

“The readings I have had with Jurema have been life time changing, literally. When I went to see her for the first time I was a mess. I had a million different thoughts running though my head day and night, my stress level was through the roof and I felt like I was running in circles, never getting anywhere. By the time I left my appointment with Jurema I felt like I could breath, like I had options and a game plan. It was as if she had unraveled the tangled up mess that was me when I first walked into her office within 1 hour! That was 4 months ago I am still feeling great and I have a clear view of what my path is. Many thanks and praise to Jurema!” Erin Palmer, CPT,CN, EDS Technician www.sproutingwellness.com

“Jurema had a lot of great suggestions. She went above and beyond my expectations. She prayed for me before an important exam, she e-mailed me a diet plan, and she gave me resources for a career option. Jurema’s warm and loving personality and extensive assistance helped me find the peace in my life I was searching for.” Ann from Minnesota

“I have visited with Jurema a few times now, not knowing what to expect at first. It turns out, Jurema was able to answer no only the questions in my head, but also gave me information that was completely true about myself! I have consulted with her now to help me with decisions, and just to keep my life on track with where I want it to go. I trust her explicitly. She is my friend and confidante and I know she will give me unbiased information without judgment. I believe her to be able to truly use her enlightened abilities for the good of life and would recommend anyone that is doing some soul searching to visit her. You will be more than happy with her guidance on your physical body, your thoughts, your emotions, where to go from here, and any question you might have. Her source is truth and can well be trusted.” A.P. from Minnesota

“It was great to meet you yesterday! I appreciate your time, your love and willingness to share your gifts with me! You are so kind and compassionate, I feel honored to have had the opportunity to spend time with you.” M. from Minnesota

“Jurema, thank you for seeing me last week. You inspired me to reflect on whats going on moving towards further happiness.” D. from Minnesota

“Thank you so much! I already feel so much better hearing what you have to say. It really justifies all this emotional turmoil….I can’t even express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to speak to you and have all these guides and angels protecting me! Once again, YOU ARE THE BEST!” L. from Minnesota

“Jurema, your gifts of divine intention and healing are a blessing for many, and o thank you for sharing them with me. As always, you continue to guide me to a higher place and help me to restore my mind, body and spirit to abundant health. Thank you for all your love and grace. I wish you abundant blessings and joy today and always. Love,” Pamela from Minnesota

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me. I truly believe you are an angel.” M. from Minnesota

“Thank you so much for the ritual. I truly appreciate you and your wisdom.” B. from Minnesota

“Jurema, yesterday class was GREAT. I walked away feeling very enlightened.” J.S. from Minnesota

“Thanks Jurema. I just purchased a reading for mom for xmas present. I told all about my wonderful reading I had with you and she was interested, so I thought what a great gift for her.” Jesse from Minnesota

“Thank you for the peace and guidance.” R. from Minnesota

“Thank you for coming to my house, for being so generous with our time with everyone, for your beautiful positive energy, your purity and honesty, your sense of humor and lightness…you have it all. Thank you for sharing it with us. Love to you, glorious Jurema.” Jill R. from Minnesota

“Thank you for all of what you do for me and others. You are a true gifted woman.” T. from Minnesota

“Jurema’s jewelry carries so much positive energy. I can feel the peace, love and hope that she infuses on, every time I wear my pendant. Thank you for your healing and talent.” Janet P. from Minnesota